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Community Outreach

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At Westwood College, we know that when our communities thrive, so do our students and our college. Our students, faculty and staff share a common commitment—putting their knowledge and discoveries to use for the greater good. Our community commitment can be seen in many ways and in many places; whether we are providing access to technology for inner-city high school students, rebuilding houses for the elderly or inspiring young artists, Westwood is making a real difference in the communities we serve.

Westwood Partnerships

A primary goal of public education is preparing the next generation for entering the workforce. Technology is now incorporated into nearly every job sector. Now more than ever schools are working to build technology education into the curriculum for students. To support high schools, Westwood partners with school districts and non-profit organizations in our communities to supplement technology equipment and teaching needs... read more >>


Students in Action

Westwood’s art outreach programs promote creative opportunities and make art accessible to our communities. We work with young people, public groups and community organizations to share not only our students' expertise, but also their passion for art... read more >>

Community Involvement

Addressing the needs of the community is important. At Westwood, we support local programs that enrich the lives of our neighbors in many other ways. Westwood campuses fund and provide volunteers for projects that improve the lives and living situation of the individuals in our communities... read more >>