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Climbing with the Experts Series

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Hear industry updates from professionals

As a student in one of our online programs, you'll be invited to listen to recorded webinars from our Climbing with the Experts program. These have been presented by industry professionals who share valuable information about the latest trends and changes in their fields. Topics from past webinars include:

Workplace Wellness: Why Mental Health Matters
Learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders and what we can do to create and sustain a healthy work environment.

The Power of Networking
Networking is actually about making contacts, meeting new people, building long-term relationships and taking action to develop a good reputation over time

Growing Your Home-based Business
Explore how to effectively grow your business and get some practical advice about where to look for investors and assistance with funding, developing a business plan and testing your idea with the public.

A Peek Behind the Scene: Understanding the Hiring Process
Gain information on the hiring process, making daily hiring selection decisions, listening to hiring manager feedback about candidates, and seeing the results of who gets hired, rejected, and why.

What Tech Recruiters Want in a Great Candidate
This discussion provides great advice for first impressions and follow-up with both recruiters and employers from which any student can benefit.

Advancement and Innovation in Career Objectives
This segment discusses potential ways of expanding your network and walks through the steps that can help you assess your career goals.