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How to Make Your Own Game

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How to create a video game for fun or become a professional game designer

There are many tools available today to make your own game or become a professional game designer. Once you create a few video games from your own inspiration, you will see how exciting the world of game development can be. Interactive software can help you with game design on your own. As you develop these skills you may decide to take the next step and earn a degree in game design. Westwood College’s software development: major in game software development degree programs prepare you for a career in the interactive software industry. Get started today and you could create a video game in just a few hours.

Make a video game with your own design

Becoming a game developer is not difficult, but it takes perseverance and imagination. While playing video games is a lot of fun, designing them can be just as entertaining. Unleash your creativity and design any type of video game you want. Do you like sports, puzzles, word games or role-playing games? Your game can be as challenging or complex as you want it to be.

With a little practice and the right tools you can make your own video game just for fun, or develop the skills you need to get into the game design industry. If you would like to work in game design, you will need a degree. Westwood College offers an online degree program in game software development, so you can earn a bachelor’s degree from the comfort of your gaming chair*. If you love video games, earning a degree in this field could help you pursue your passion and get your dream job.

Get a Degree in Game Software Development
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How to make your own game

The first step to making your own games is coming up with an idea. All creative projects start with inspiration, and video games are no exception. To create a video game you must develop an idea into a game. The topic can be anything from sports to detective stories to word play. Let your imagination run free and come up with goals, rules and scoring. An important step is mapping out the game so you have a blueprint for what you would like to design.

Next, choose online software developed specifically for designing video games. Many of these programs don’t even require coding. They provide templates to help build the game you have mapped out. These templates do have limitations based on the platforms they were built on. You may have to tinker with them to achieve your vision, but there are wide varieties to choose from. However, if you have mapped out a complex and very unique game, you will probably have to use software that has advanced coding.

Where do I find game design software and how do I learn to use it?

There are hundreds of software applications that are made to help you code your own game. The below are popular and user-friendly, but there are many others available as well. These are easy to start with, but as you develop greater skills you may want to upgrade to more complex programs.

“Out of the box” software makes creating a video game easy, and many like Adventure Studio and Game Maker are free. There are different kinds of software for different genres of games. Role playing games (RPGs) have their own design software like RPG Maker and OHRRPGCE. Free software such as MUGEN is designed specifically for fighting games while Adrift Generator is excellent for adventure games. With so many different software options it is very important to map out your game concept before learning a specific platform.

RPG Make Online Game

You've designed a few games and you're hooked— where to go from here?

You learned the free software and are ready to take your passion to the next level and make it a career. The next step is earning a degree in game software design. At Westwood College, you can develop the crucial technical and artistic skills needed in the gaming industry. All courses are taught by professors with years of experience in the interactive software industry. They pass on their hard-won knowledge in courses designed to prepare students for fulfilling careers.

The game software design program listed as Software Development: Game Software Development teaches advanced software skills along with real-world competencies in project planning and logic. This program is offered at several Westwood locations and also online.1

A career in game design is a fun and creative way to make a living. You can also simply make your own  game for the fun of it and enjoy playing with friends. Don’t wait for the game you’ve always wanted to play to be made— make it yourself today!

1 Westwood prepares graduates for certification. Graduates wishing to attain certification must take and pass any applicable test/exams.