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Construction Management Software

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construction managers use specialized software

As the field of construction management progresses, construction managers need more advanced technical training and knowledge. The days of log books and Excel spreadsheets are gone. Instead, almost all construction companies use sophisticated construction management software.

construction management degree Determining the most efficient and cost-effective way to construct something as complicated as a hospital is a very complex task. Today’s construction managers use specialized software to divide activities into logical steps, estimate costs and project timelines.

In order to be qualified for positions such as construction manager or solar installation manager1, individuals must have some computer skills. Any construction management degree program should include some training in computer-aided design, financial management programs and industry-standard document drafting. While on-site and craftwork experience is still valued, understanding how to use software to increase productivity is an important skill in construction management jobs.

construction management degreeCommonly used systems include Contractor’s Office, Sage Timberline Estimating, Sage Master Builder, Maxwell Systems ProContracorMX, Maxwell Systems ProContractorMX Estimating, ComputerEase, Clear Estimates, McCormick Estimating Software, JOBPOWER and Electrical Bid Manager. Construction collaboration technologies are also an emerging sector in construction management software. These are centralized repositories of data and documents that can be accessed by all authorized team members, even across different companies. These collaboration technologies allow many different parties to organize, collaborate, manage and communicate, regardless of geographic proximity.

However, software familiarity is not the only skill required for a successful career in construction management. Construction managers should have analytical, communication and problem solving skills. They need to be flexible and work effectively in a fast-paced environment, especially when unexpected events or delays come up. The ability to multitask and manage several initiatives at once is essential, along with a working understanding of engineering, architectural, and other construction drawings. On top of these skills, proficiency with computers and software programs for job costing, online collaboration, scheduling, and estimating is required.

1.This list is based on Department of Education standards.