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Online Degree Programs

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Our online degree programs offer a fast-track, convenient alternative to a traditional education through programs in our Schools of Technology, Healthcare, Business, Design and Justice. As an online student, you’ll have access to course materials, faculty and classmates all via the Internet. Learn more about the benefits of an online education and determine if one of the degree programs offered below is right for you.

School of Technology

School of Healthcare

School of Business

School of Design

School of Justice

Not all programs are offered every term. Check with the campus for current program offerings.

Course Catalog

Download our course catalog to find detailed descriptions of our online degree programs, academics, admissions, student and career services, financial aid and much more.

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Online degree options

Different Types of Online DegreesOnline degree programs cater to almost every study and level of education. From certificates to doctorates, every student's dream program is out there, it's just a matter of finding it. It's also important to remember that an online degree can be equally as challenging and relevant as a degree earned on campus. Deciding between earning a degree online or on a campus generally has to do with schedule availability of the student. Online learning allows students to schedule their academic responsibilities at their own convenience, working around life obligations such as work, family, and extracurricular activities. Westwood College online alumna Jennifer Hughes preferred the online courses because of the flexibility and the learning experience:

"I loved the ability to work at my own pace and go to 'class' at hours that worked to my advantage. The online threaded discussions were one of my favorite features. Everyone had a voice, unlike a traditional classroom where only certain individuals get to speak."

If you are thinking about pursuing an online degree, here are some online degree options:

Online associate degrees

Associate degrees can be a great way to gain a reputable understanding of a subject. Earning an associate degree online is the shortest commitment and is a valuable resume booster to demonstrate passion and dedication to potential employers. Whether you are looking to update your industry knowledge or starting fresh, an online associate degree can give you an advantage when applying for jobs. Additional schooling also sets the bar higher for salary expectations – an associate degree will most likely be taken into account when asking for a raise.

Online bachelor's degrees

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, the median annual earnings for full-time working college-degree holders, ages 25-32, are $17,500 more than those with only high school diplomas. In other words, high-school graduates are only earning 62% of what they could be making with a college education. Completing a bachelor's degree online allows students to get the higher education they deserve without the hassle. It's completely understandable that not all students can move to a city with the college campus of their choice. The accessibility that online learning provides to higher education gives high-school grads and GED holders the opportunity to continue their education without any major lifestyle changes.

Online MBA programs

A Master of Business Administration is a scientific approach to management with core courses in different management areas. Heavily catered to those already working in business, the MBA program is easily accessible online so students can plan their schedules around their careers. An MBA program is an avenue to go from being a business-oriented professional to a decision-maker and a leader in the field. Westwood College online alumna Heather Kessler finished her online MBA program in 14 months, opposed to many traditional 2.5 year programs while working a full-time job. In that time she moved to her dream city, switched jobs to work for a Fortune 200 company, and maintained a 3.97 GPA on her own time.

Flexible education options are the way of the future. If you are seeking an education you can balance with work, family, and hobbies, or think you will learn better in an online environment, request info today!