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Westwood Gaming

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4th Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends &
Student Game-Concept Pitch Competition

Last August Westwood College brought together some of the interactive entertainment industry's most accomplished professionals to share their experience on getting started in gaming, what they've learned along the way and to discuss the future of the gaming profession. 

Students from various local colleges participated in a "pitch" contest, where they had 1 minute to pitch their game idea to a panel of Legends.


Gaming legends and their 30-minute breakout sessions:

Voldi Way – Way Forward, Tyrannical Overlord
“Need a job? Ship your app!”

Bill Fisher – Quicksilver Software Inc., President
“Elegant, minimalistic user interfaces”

Justin Lloyd – Infinite Monkey Factory, Chief Evolution Officer
“Your code or art portfolio, and resume: sure fire techniques to get noticed”

Bill Roper – V.P. Marvel Franchise, Disney Interactive Media Group
“The power of PC development. Why you shouldn’t ignore the open web”

John Cooney – Armor Games, Inc., Head of Game Development
“Indie development – the life blood of the game industry”

Dave Kosak – Blizzard Entertainment, Lead Designer
To be announced - check back