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Some students never imagined a college education in their future. Others think they're just not smart enough to compete. At Westwood College, we think every student has the right to a better future. That's why we're committed to helping you educate your students about the importance of continuing their education beyond high school.

Extend your reach with Westwood resources

We know you know the importance of students finding an educational environment where they can succeed. Westwood's High School Outreach program provides the following resources to help your students understand their options:

  • A dedicated admissions representative for your high school who can reach out to students in a way they can understand
  • An interactive in-class workshop that focuses on education choices and teaches about the importance of additional education
  • Field trips to a Westwood campus near you where students can walk the halls, talk to instructors and staff and watch Westwood students thrive in small classes where hands-on learning and individual attention are the rule

High school scholarships

Lots of colleges say they're committed to helping students achieve their dreams. At Westwood, we show we really mean it with a high school scholarship program that awards $2,500 to two students per high school or four students from high schools with a population of more than 400 seniors every year.¹ It's our way of recognizing motivated high school seniors and encouraging their pursuit of higher education in the field of their choice. Learn more about how students can qualify.

Pathway to a brighter future

Westwood isn't a traditional college, but we have a tradition of our own - preparing students for careers they love. Let us count the ways:

  1. This one could be hard to beat - just take a look at the details of our employment pledge.
  2. Then, when students are ready to begin their journey, we'll help guide them every step of the way with our Career Success Plan.
  3. Since many of the nearly 30,000 Westwood graduates are working in the careers of their dreams, you can also review the Employer tabs on our program offerings to see just who has hired our graduates.
  4. Opportunities abound for your students at Westwood, but don't just take our word for it - see for yourself what some of our graduates have to say.
  5. And help yourself to some teaching aids from the VAK Learning System, based on the idea that students prefer to primarily learn through one of three sense channels - visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

Fellowships for your school staff

We believe so strongly in our hands-on approach to career success that we also offer complimentary Westwood classes at any Westwood location to high school administrators, counselors and educators currently employed by a public or private school district or system. We'll waive the tuition, as long as you pay for books and other tools. Find out more.

Westwood can help your students succeed

Take time to review our answers to questions both educators and parents will find helpful; for more detailed information about our Outreach Program, download our educator brochure or call 888-834-0013 today.

Available to those who qualify.